four overlapping circles, representing plurality


a baller assemblage of mostly foxes

For practical purposes, most folks don't need to know who we are separately, but if you'd like to, you can! We are using this site to introduce ourselves, and also because this domain name was too good to pass up.

a picture of my foxy face drawn by lunacatta


❤️ / 🦊 / they

because someone has to do the dishes

My family is the most important thing in my life, which is still kind of confusing, but also awesome. Lately I haven't been around much and am trying to figure out how to exist part-time, but if you socialized with us between 2013 and early 2018, you were probably talking to me.

rax refsheet by dergish

icon by lunecatta, ref by corgilope

grinning arctic fox who is rhess


💖 / 🎵 / he

i play songs at the same time while people are dancing

i do most of the DJing, most of the wishing to have good outfits, and most of the shitposting. also for the last 18 months i am around all. the. fucking. time. i last spent a lot of time existing in like 1998-2001 and i'm still a bit confused by the future (which i thought would be cooler). check out my now defunct-ass tumblr because tumblr is dead which is full of outfits i wish i could wear or my twitter or my mastodon which is full of nonsense

also maybe i am a lion now???

lion rhess refsheet by kresendoe
rhess refsheet by servalien

icon by kidpixkid, ref by servalien, lion ref by kresendoe

khorah face


💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 / ♏ / she

plaid priestex of 8oundron, lord of 8oundaries

Khorah is a giant, awesome manticore who historically takes care of boundaries and runs a lot of things internally. Lately, she's been getting into cooking, game design, and home ferment8tion. Her hope is to use these as ways to nurture and support us and our friends and family without focusing too much on being covered in spikes.

(She is still covered in spikes. Being covered in spikes is awesome.)

vriska manticore by rose-ebottles

icon by foxvomit, image by rose-ebottles

bianca smiling on a background of orange roses


🖤🧡 / 🅱️ / she or they

now i want monsters to be afraid of me

Once upon a time my job was to manage the feelings of our abusers. Now that's no one's job because to heck with that life. Today I enjoy experiencing the world without fear and making better mulligan decisions than Khorah when playing Magic.

Bianca drawn by Kresendoe

icon by kidpixkid, ref by kresendoe

smiling simon with feathered rainbow mane


🧡 / 🦁 / he

let's do better this time, shall we?

Initially an introject of someone who was awful to us, Simon now serves up sweater vests and dress slacks while being an amazing parent and going to work occasionally. He's also remarkably good at our job. Good job, Simon. <3

Simon, a lion with a rainbow mane, drawn by ScootMoondog.

icon by awoo, ref by scootmoondog

crop from the mtg card "jace, vryn's prodigy"


🚫 / 🔵 / he

i want to understand everything about consciousness

Why can we remember our childhood better when I combine my memories from two different childhoods spread out across universes? Why do some fraction of my memories come from a collectible card game? I don't know, but I'm finding out.

icon by jaime jones

trish giving face to the imaginary camera


💚 / 😽 / she

tremble to the cadence of my legacy; an army of lovers shall not fail

You know how in the mid-2000s we were involved in a bunch of gender and sexuality conferences, book groups, and activism? That was me. Hi, I'm back. (And now, she has furry art.)

Trish drawn by Megumigoo

icon by kidpixkid, ref by megumigoo

a red-winged blackbird


🖤❤️ / 🐦 / he for lack of better options

*modem noises*

Phenyx brings incredible Bird Energy to going to work a lot, supporting our family, and basically being the adult in the room a frightening percentage of the time.

icon by Shock and Terror

oh god i forget who drew this it was a decade ago sorry :(


locked themselves in a tower


icon by lj user djinni

H, focusing.


💜 / 🕰️ / she

Maybe if I find myself whole
Jitterbugging on a cloud
we can relearn how to twist and shout
I can put the flowers in my mouth

I think fiction is a powerful tool for showing us aspects of our own experience we can't verbalize in a purely material way. I also think human faces are deeply overrated.

A kintsugi gorgon whose face is an amethyst geode, joyful.

icon and art by Kresendoe

baklavoice icon by lunecatta!

the Baklavoice

🌺 / 🌺 / she / 🌺 / 🌺

that would probably make a great simple syrup.

A glitched-out rabbit who loves baking. She rarely comes out, but when she does, we find new metal in our face, new simple syrups in our fridge, and enough baked goods to feed a half-dozen friends. Loves hibiscus.

baklavoice drawn by Apex!

icon by lunecatta, ref by aepaex